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Honker Hill Wine List

We have a variety of semi-sweet and semi-dry wines, produced from grapes grown directly on our vineyard. We also offer seasonal-favorites, such as Sangria and our best-selling fall and winter,  Hot Honker Hill Hooch!

Villard Blanc (Dry White) 
Exotic fruits are found here. Banana and payaya are in lead allowing us to keep this white dry, separating it in style from many of our sweeter varieties. 

Glass $5.00          Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00 

Don's Estate (Dry White) 


Glass $5.00          Bottle $18.00         Case $216.00

Wally's Red (Dry Red) 
Chambourcin is the most widely grown grape in Southern Illinois. Serving this in this dry style allows the natural characteristics of the wine to come through. Dark black cherry with hints of spice. 

Glass $5.00          Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00

Honker Hill Blush (Semi-Sweet) 
White peach and strawberry notes lead this wine into a well-balanced mineral finish. The acid in this vintage keeps your palatte refreshed sip after sip. 

Glass $5.00         Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00

Eclipse (Semi-Sweet Riseling) 
the Riseling wine is produced from grapes grown in Michigan, which develops the flavors of delicious apple and bright citric fruits with a touch of pear.

Glass $5.00          Bottle $17.00         Case $204.00 

Honker Hill Red (Semi-Sweet Red) 
This beautiful ruby red wine comes from leaving the grapes on the vines until the sun gives their perfect color. Hence, giving this wine notes rich cranberry with a touch of exotic spice. 

Glass $5.00          Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00

Goose Juice (Semi-Sweet Red) 
Put down your goose cll qne pick up a glass. This blush is full of late summer fruit flavors, including fresh squeezed apple juice and watermelon. Best served chilled on the patio. 

Glass $5.00          Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00

Villard Blanc (Semi-Sweet White) 
Our semi-sweet Villard Blanc has a strong flora bouquet that can be found in the tip of your tongue. Notice this bright and crisp wine holds hints of honey dew. 

Glass $5.00        Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00

Honker Hill Blackberry (Semi-Sweet)

Glass $5.00        Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00

2012 Villard Blanc (Sweet White) 
Our most delicate wine is suprisingly the strongest in grape flavor. A solid seet white grape with notes that will remind you of a glass of juice before you turned 21. 

Glass $5.00         Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00

2013 Villard Blanc (Sweet White) 
Villard Blanc is a French Hybrid that produces clusters of fruit bursting with rich floavor to please the palatte. Notes of warm spice are in the finish of this delightful wine. 

Glass $5.00         Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00

Goose Juice (Sweet Red) 
This flavorful wine is a blend of our Villard and Chambourcin grapes, to bring out the best of both. The sweetness and smoothness of the Villard blended with the full body and bright notes of the Chambourcin. Together they make a special taste experience.

Glass $5.00          Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00 

Honker Hill Red (Sweet Red) 
Like taking a bite from a juicy plum.The stone fruit and honey shines through this pure Chambourcin vintage. No dinner is complete unless you finish the night with this estate grown wine. 

Glass $5.00          Bottle $16.00         Case $192.00

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Fruit juices and our wine combine to make a refreshing drink anytime. Enjoy it in the spring or soummer out on the patio or in the fall and winter in front of a cozy fire. 

Glass $6.00.         Half Pitcher $15.00           Full Pitcher $25.00